From Kiel to Cairo, from Bucharest to Barcelona: We are a global network of people coming from a variety of backgrounds from engineers to social scientists, designers to strategists. Together we speak 11 languages.

With a M.A. in Politics and Psychology, Daniela conducts a PhD about ‘Design Thinking shaping Organizations’ at the Management Chair of the Bauhaus University Weimar. She teaches internationally Design Thinking in MBA, MA and BA programs in four languages. After setting the ground for Berlin‘s most vibrant coworking space and start-up incubator betahaus, she now excels translating design practices and transformation design to business-minded people.



I dare to tap into foreign cultures and make things happen!



I dare to build empathy for conflict resolution!
Coming from Colombia, Natalia holds a MA in Sociology, Communication and Political Science from the University of Basel. Her work experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and social sustainability standards working in the mining sector and supporting the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights have shaped her deep interest for impact related to Human Rights and stakeholder dialogue. Natalia works currently as a Consultant in Berlin on the facilitation of Design Thinking Processes for business, government, and civil society organizations.
Falk Neumann holds a diploma in multimedia technology from University Mittweida and has solid experience in working as a software developer with small and agile teams in Berlin. His experience in projects with Team Marzavan have deepened his expertise in coworking, digital business, innovation and service design. He is the best partner when it comes to digital mockups or implementation of software systems in the testing and prototyping phase.



I dare to break with old work patterns



I dare to spark your creative confidence!
Natalija holds a M.A. in Communication in Social and Economic Contexts from the University of Arts Berlin and a Design Thinking certificate from the D-School at Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam. With an interdisciplinary background in media, design and cultural management she specialized in participative and creative strategies. She applies Design Thinking as service designer and facilitator, working as innovation consultant for labs, agencies and German enterprises in public, social and creative sectors.
She is an avid supporter of tackling global issues and compelled to make a change. With a background in business studies and entrepreneurial leadership, she is driven to bring creative & critical thinking into a work context and apply a more human-centred approach to innovating for the greater good of society.



I dare to challenge your comfortability!



I dare to empower you to bring love into everything you do!


Life up until now has given Hanna the opportunity to tap into various organisational structures. Amongst others she has developed the global network of Impact Hubs in places like Tbilisi (Georgia) and Khartoum (Sudan). It taught her a variety of tools of how we can make this world a place which truly embraces and brings together the uniqueness of every individual. With her passion for Design Thinking, authentic leadership, empowered organisational structures, and healthy team dynamics, it is an honor for her to host workshops, retreats, conferences, trainings and innovative journeys all around the world.

Originally from Thuringia, Sophie worked in investment banking for several years in London. Further contributing to a number of projects in business strategy and regional development within the fields of social innovation, the circular economy and creative industries, she co-developed and launched various products, networks and tools revealing incredibly efficient and agile product manager skills. She is focused on knowledge transfer and collaboration techniques in a post-digital economy, working at the interface between people and technology.



I dare to think about the future!




Dare to envision desirable futures!


Chris is a product designer with more than ten years experience in designing spaces, tools and formats for intercultural creative collaboration. Between 2017-2018 he implemented Design Thinking for developing the startup and innovation ecosystem in Sri Lanka as project coordinator for the GIZ. As a head of Department at the Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation in Berlin, he applied design methodology to make future technology tangible. Chris was also co-founder of the community maker space “Open Design City”. Within his Ph.D at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, he developed design tools for stakeholder engagement in sustainable and climate-resilient urban planning.

Anna has got over 6 years of experience in brand building, innovation and design. She has worked at design agencies in London such as Landor Associates, Brand Union and Saffron for international clients across a wide range of sectors. She holds a Masters in Management from Imperial College Business School London and a BA in Communication & Graphic Design from Leeds University. She now lives in Berlin and works as brand consultant and facilitator. Anna speaks German, English, French and Greek.



I dare to dig deeper!



I dare to become an entrepreneur!
Franziska holds a M.A. in Gender Studies and History from Humboldt University Berlin and a MSc in Management from Imperial College Business School London. Her far-reaching working experience in communications and Change Management for the public health sector in Hanover and Berlin has shaped her view on complex problem solving, conflict management through creative techniques, and facilitation. Franziska leads various Design Thinking projects as head moderator and process designer.
Ljubow holds a M.Sc. in International Business, a Design Thinking Advanced Track Certificate from the D-School in Potsdam and is a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator. She has managed and designed large Human Resources Innovation projects in German companies, is a guest lecturer at the Career Center of the University of Stuttgart and runs negotiation trainings with women. When it comes to Design Thinkers ‚im Ländle’, she is the ultimate community catalyst.



I dare to enable you to think bigger and work on it!
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