After 7 years of working with Stanford’s d.school model of Design Thinking and implementing it in organizations, we constantly build upon our experiences to develop it further into our unique mindset. By helping you to understand and adapt this mindset, we make you articulate your needs and the ones of your users. To do so we need your trust and courage: We need you to dare to change existing situations into preferred ones.

Our approach challenges and questions hierarchies and structures. Change always comes with friction. With Design Thinking / Transformation Design we encourage you to take an empathetic and human-centered perspective. Empathy helps you to navigate through the process.

Design Thinking and Transformation Design


Our mantra is: to be truly innovative, you don’t only need user-centered but human-centered innovation. To gain competitive advantage it is not enough to target your clients and their needs but also to include people within your organization to keep your employees satisfied and attract talents.

This is why we empower our clients teams to look inwards to build trust and collaboration as an essential part of all briefings for our projects. Setting the playground for interdisciplinary teams to focus inwards and to redesign their collaboration is both inspiring and effective. This is how we enable people to become transformational drivers within their organizations.