Duration: Ongoing
Client: Marzavan
Where: The Internet

We dared to dream about medical practitioners equipped with trustworthy papers about COVID-19

The COVID-19 is characterized by a null but excessive information paradox. Everyone speaks about it but absolutely no one knows what’s going on for sure. An inspiring and almost imposible to solve situation that awoke our desire to solve it through an information based simple solution: The Health Manager.

A Marzavan’s born and raised App that aims to help the future ‘front line’ in the post corona crisis management teams through direct information transfer between researchers, practitioners and patients. Packed with more than 10.000 academic research papers, The Health Manager analyses and tailors the information according to GPs and hospital patients’ questions. Providing informed answers regarding context, theory and data. Creating a knowledge transfer network needed in times of crises in order to end up the over and sub informed environment that typifies them.

We invite you to have a sneak peak of our work in progress and give us some feedback about it at