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Sustainability is key when it comes to creating a world worth living in. In order to foster this economical, ecological and social transformation, the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs are aimed at all countries, all governments, all companies, all sectors, and all people. The success of the agenda relies on the people who implement these goals and on the partnerships we build to share knowledge and expertise to jointly take action.

To understand the essence of change and create a world where the SDGs are an integral part of our daily (work) life, we need human- and planet-centeredness, consciousness and empathy. These values are the core of Marzavan’s sustainable Design Thinking mindset: with that we enable people to think holistically, act creatively, and build a sustainable future.

In this hands – on workshop we will introduce you to an agile way of working together, to the power of co- creation, and ultimately to a way of including empathy to innovatively address your individual questions or challenges. We want to break down what the UN 2030 Agenda really means, discover synergies, and make both the SDGs and Design Thinking more accessible to you.

Join us and learn how to use a designer’s mindset to become a transformational driver!


This course is led by Team Marzavan, a Berlin-based internationally acting innovation and capacity- building agency. We facilitate human-centered, design-driven change processes towards more innovative and purpose-driven organizations. We advise, coach, and train people. We help restore creative confidence, empathy and trust. Through Design Thinking, we help people become transformational drivers within their organizations. We believe these are the three key ingredients towards sustainable innovation.

The course will be facilitated by Julika and Franziska, both Change Darers and members of the Impact Hub family. Julika is an expert in policy and sustainability design. Franziska has vast experience in transformation projects across all industries.


…have no, little, or deep knowledge of either the SDGs or Design Thinking.
…want to know more about the Sustainable Design Thinking Mindset.
…want to learn how to work in a smart team and adapt an agile mindset.
…are curious about collaboration and change in order to create innovative solutions.

We explicitly invite people from all sectors.


12.30 – 4.30 PM
Impact Hub Berlin,
Friedrichstraße 246,
10969 Berlin


200 Euro incl. VAT regular
100 Euro incl. VAT for Students, NGOs, Non-Profit, Impact Hub member.

If you are lacking funds, please contact us.

Get your ticket by contacting We accept paypal and direct deposit.

The ticket includes your participation in the 4-hour workshop, a certificate. We offer an individual follow-up.