Participants: More than 350
Duration: 30 days
Client: CVL students
Where: The Internet

We dared a hispanic transnational network to keep helping remote communities through a virtual co creative campus.

Global cooperation collaborators and their beneficiary counterparts usually live a symbiotic, close and very human relationship. But 2020 and its challenges shook both realities. The mobility issues derived from the strict quarantine regimes imposed by Latin American governments took them out of their confort zones.

Adopting a digital mindset and lifestyle wasn’t an option anymore… it was mandatory!

Motivated by the new global challenges, in May 2020, we dedicated our expertise, time and attention to Campo Virtual Latino – a virtual LatinAmerican initiative created and weaved by a group of Spanish and Portuguese speaking collaborators from the ecosystem of the German collaboration agency GIZ- to co-create value with other talented professionals for vulnerable remote communities in times of total digitalization.

Through a concrete but specific virtual program, we taught the Design Thinking ground rules and guided 4 new environmental and social projects from understanding to test. Today, 2 of them are becoming real and will transform the way we manage coastal ecosystem areas in Latin American shores and enhance cross-cultural  rural dialogues through virtuality.