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2020, Kiel and Weimar, Germany

Let’s keep the Connective Cities Global Exchange alive!

After such an intense Community Event filled with personal story sharing moments we decided to capture Good Practices in a series of:

– 2 documentary movies
– 5 podcasts
– 10 interviews.

Through these audiovisual products, we’ll let you know the people behind some of the projects that helped to tackle the COVID-19 crisis in several municipalities around the Globe during 2020 that will raise our hope for 2021.

Our first Connective Cities‘ stop: Weimar

A city that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. Watch how did the local city guides, hoteliers and small shop owners react to the lockdown? And what did the local authorities do?

To continue our documentaries we traveled to #Kiel, where we captured deep insights from a city that, as a digital champion, had to adapt quick in order to keep its Startup community alive and cope with several Social Media besides the challenging circumstances.

Watch our second stop through this 7 minute exclusive documentary.

Special credits to: Alexander Orth Imke Schröder Jesko-Alexander Zychski Lina Ries Connective Cities

Produced by: NowHere Media  Anatol Kowalewski Marzavan Innovation

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